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Neweco E-waste Recycling Ghana

Neweco in Ghana recycles electronic waste (e-waste) such as old computers, mobile phones, laptops, and basically any electronics you can think of.

Recycle your e-waste:

Today, Neweco works with the largest companies, organizations and institutions in Ghana to recycle e-waste. E-waste from private individuals / citizens is accepted too.

E-waste we recycle:

E-waste servers mainframes Servers, mainframes
E-waste TV TV/Screens, Radio & Video
E-waste microwave Appliances
E-waste cables Cables & PC-accessories
E-waste electronics All other electronics & electricals

E-waste is recycled professionally

♻ Neweco is an e-waste company recycling electronic waste (e-waste) in Ghana, Africa. Our mission is keeping the environment of Ghana, Africa green and healthy by recycling electronic waste instead of the e-waste going to landfills.

Use our drop-off points or have your e-waste collected by booking an e-waste collection ⇾.

Neweco recycles from businesses, landfills, and households to ensure electronic waste is eradicated from Ghana, Africa.

  • None of the e-waste we recycle end up in Agbogbloshie, Accra. Instead our mission is to help restore Agbogbloshie, Accra E-waste dump to a beautiful area in Accra again.
  • Recycling e-waste to save the environment and future generations
  • Responsible and safe disposal of e-waste all over Ghana Africa
  • Supporting the creation of jobs in the e-waste recycling industry
  • Working efficiently and keeping our promises

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Recycle your e-waste with Neweco

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