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About Neweco E-waste

Neweco Ghana Ltd. is a responsible e-waste recycling company dealing with electronic waste in Ghana

Neweco® recycles and disposes electronic waste (e-waste or WEEE) for a large number of organisations, companies and private individuals in Ghana.

In the media, Ghana has received a bad reputation for having one of the most toxic "e-waste dumps" in the world. The place is called Agbogbloshie and is situated in the capital of Ghana - Accra. Neweco does not recycle nor condone public e-waste recycling in the Agbogbloshie e-waste ground and similar unsuitable places for handling electronic waste. Instead, Neweco only use approved and specialized e-waste recycling facilities in Ghana.
It is part of our DNA to preserve the precious environments around us - for ourselves, our future and it feels good to do good.

Responsible E-waste Recycling in Ghana

We adhere to the ISO 14000 series environmental management systems and we furthermore ensure that our employees health and safety is protected at all times. We do not condone public recycling of e-waste as e-waste contains hazardous materials that are both harmful to humans, animals and the environment.

We work with government, municipalities, parastatals and local companies to efficiently and safely deal with the growing amount of e-waste / electronic waste.

If you wish to work with Neweco or have e-waste / electronic waste for recycling, please contact us.

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