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Book collection of e-waste

Do you have e-waste you want to dispose? Book Neweco E-waste to collect your e-waste

Please fill out the form below to book a collection of your e-waste (free of charge).

Are you dropping off the e-waste yourself?
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Please be descriptive so we can easily find the collection point in case this is a pickup
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This will help us determine if we need to drive multiple times, with a bakkie or a larger truck
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Certificates are sent to your email once we have processed your e-waste. Serial numbers of your equipment will be included in the certificate if you select the Itemized Certificate


  • Use this form to book Neweco
    - no need for printing out.
  • We always confirm by phone to find a suitable collection time.
  • Your e-waste is always safely disposed and destroyed.
  • Should you wish to have a Recycling Certificate for your e-waste, please tick either of the boxes below.
  • You can also deliver your e-waste directly to us here: drop-off points or contact us for any questions.

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