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E-waste - electronic waste types

E-waste, or electronic waste stems from all types and categories of electronics - Neweco E-waste handles e-waste professionally in a safe and environmentally responsible way

e-waste collection bin E-waste is professionally handled by Neweco E-waste. Neweco E-waste collects and recycles e-waste all over Ghana in a safe and environmentally responsible way. By recycling Neweco E-waste creates jobs and clean up the environment. We adhere to the ISO 14000 series environmental management systems.

If your company/organization wish to recycle e-waste, book us for picking up your e-waste.
If you wish to work with Neweco E-waste or have electronic waste for recycling, please contact us.

E-waste categories that Neweco E-waste processes:

E-waste types - computer scrap, WEEE africa, electronic waste

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